Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm a Hopeless Romantic.

Who am i?
If I was defined by my career I would be thin as air
If I was defined by my anger I would be a roaring lion
If I was defined by my appearance I would be a young woman who has interesting taste
No I’m not defined by my exterior
But my insides are who I am.
The parts you can’t see
defines me.

You see
I’m a hopeless romantic
And love songs make me cry
I’m a woman of emotion
And I hate saying goodbye
I’m feisty when needed
And I never let my opinions unheeded
I try to please all
And then it turns out that I pleased none
I like spontaneity and having fun
And there’s no one more important
Than my number one

I’m a writer and a poet
weak and I know it
I always let my emotions shine through
Especially when it comes to you

I’m indecisive and I make that clear
I’m always changing my clothes and hair

I’m a hopeless romantic
Married to a realist
Who always says it like it is
While I daydream into what can be
But who cares, he makes me happy.

I am my emotions, I am my fear,
I am my struggles my challenges and troubles,
I will always be there
I am everything that makes me
Both good and bad
I am the best thing
That you will never be.

Because I am me.


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  2. hey sis, im checking out your blog! you are so talented amd amazimg! I love your work it is so ....no words your the writer ahhhh its just epic! I love you, esther