Monday, September 19, 2011

i wrote this on the plane

i cant leave
it hur
ts so bad
screw Israel
enough i've had

enough with goodbyes
i need to cry
im on the plane
and my hearts filled with pain

i dont want to leave you
dont know what i'll do
i tried it for a year
i went away
but it wasnt good
i thought of u every day
missed you so much
didnt know how to keep in touch

yoou always being busy,
or the times wrong
it killed our friendship
me being away
so how did i get to this day?
im leaving again
im going to miss you my dear friend
ow wow this hurts
who knows what will be when i get back
will everything be different?

im leaving my heart with you in NYC
will you watch it for me?
take good care
i love you forever
xoxoxo malx


  1. This is an amazing poem!

    Malky, just know what great potential you have and one day you will look back at all you've been through and realize you experienced so much just so you could help other people! Hold on tight. Hold on strong. It's hard but you can get to where you really want to be!

  2. malxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its hard.... were gona get you thru it! ur doing the right thing tho... we all miss you here... especially u kno who.... but stay strong!!! ur amazinggg!!!!!! luv yaaaaaaa

  3. i love u guys and i truley appreciate the support!

  4. im so glad u came back even though it was so hard for u! babe i promise we'll make this year count and u wont even notice how time fly's.just remember that i love u forever and i promise to always be here for u :)

  5. thanks sweety :)
    i love you too ur an amazing person