Monday, February 1, 2010

dont care

i came to a point in life
where i just dont care
dont care how i look
or what people say
dont care when they stare my way

i live in my world
a world of disinterest
of anything around me

i dream all day long
absentmindedly i sing a song

its all routine
and i dont want it to change
because if it will itll be out of my range

to control my emotions
ill be filled with pain, fear and memories
filled with regret and what not

much better to be out of reality
dont want it to change
cuz i know

if i feel and care
if my hearts not made of steel
itll be to much for me to bear

ill be filled with pain
a ache
that wont go away

so i wont feel wont care
live in my own world
let them stare
it wont bother me
nothing will
because i am who i am and i just dont care