Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I gave you my heart
Lent you my soul
You took a knife
& punctured a hole.
The pain is deep.
In me there's an army,
Of emotions,
Tramping around.
I jump at every sound
How could you not know,
That you hurt me so?
Battered me
With your fantastic lies!
like I had a blindfold,
Over my eyes.
& I believed all you said
Till you removed the blinfold
From over my head.
That when I saw
All of it wasn't real,
My trust you did steal.
Thought you had it good
Me you did con,
A hatred I have come upon
For you & all that you did do!!!!!

Wrote this when i was 13 About

1 comment:

  1. That must really hurt so strongly! When someone lies, steals your trust - it's the worst thing ever!!

    I'm so sorry for you, I feel your pain!!
    I hope the day comes when you feel the sun shining again!!