Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is m.e.

There’s a whole me
That they don’t see
Another malky
With her own reality
They think I’m weak
And cannot fight
They are blinded
By my shadow, my knight
They don’t even know
What goes on within?
Don’t see all the emotions
Simmering to the brim
Cannot see the intuition
Guiding my way
Protecting me
Cultivating my day
There’s another me
That gives me direction
Provides me with the abilities
Of mental connection
My physic level is high
It’s crazy
And I’m not sure why
Many a times I know what you’ll say
Before words are spoken
Your behavior is predicted
And your mind is open
People are my observation
It’s what I do all day
Connect to energies
And help those astray
There’s a whole other me
That they don’t see
Show me your true colors
Set your consciousness free