Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Over the hills

Cold. ice. Dark
Dense. Thick. Weak.
The forest I am in,
Everything so bleak.

Trip. Fall. Swerve.
Stop. Start. Fly.
This mountain I do Skii
very steep. High.

Jump. Slide. Stumble.
Get up and fall again
Crashing hard nothing
Pulling up a friend

Swerving through crowds
Thousand but alone
Jump Over hills
Slide into home

We can skii through this life
or stumble our way through.
It all depends in balance
And who you have with you.

Strength is a big factor,
To keep your butt up high.
Strength is a big factor,
Keeps you from to cry.

So be strong my friend,
Its ok to fall
Let go my friend
Learn how to crawl.

This life is a tough one
And sometimes we do cry
So put those Skiis on
And learn how to fly.


  1. Woah. I love love love this poem. It's amazing!

    You write so well Malky! Maybe one day you'll publish some of your should!

  2. Thanks, i hope I do one day.. just looking for the right place to do that.

  3. best poem I ever read! great energy!