Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The last prayer

Woke up to the sound of death shutting its door
Have you not had enough?
Do you always need more?

Holy people slaughtered
It’s a disgrace
No hidden agenda
They are simply part of the Jewish race

Walked in with axes
To our prayer place
cut our holy brothers to pieces
Those monsters bastards serial killers

They’ve got blood in their eyes
Pretended to be honorable citizens
But they’re full of lies

Slaughtered them like sheep
 tefillin was still wrapped on their arm
Straight to heaven they walked
out of pain out of harm

but what will be of the baby sheep
The little children they do weep
their fathers simply went to pray
and where revoked of this worlds stay

the mothers comfort their children’s cries
who will dry those women’s eyes?
Husbands taken from them with cruelty
Their whole world! shattered what will be?

26 children lost their father’s today
But the media did not say so
They twisted the plot

And the world will never know 

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  1. וואוו מלכי אין מילים!!! צמרמורות עשית לי!! ממש מוכשרת!!