Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Only Dead fish go with the flow...

I cannot stand the mentality of so many around me
People constantly question their motives and decisions
Based on what others will think of them
In the streets they are righteous,
And wear the expected dress
But at home the facade they remove
They are false and two faced..

I do not mean to put others down,
Or judge.
But why is it that they need to impress the entire universe?
To hurt others and mock others secretly while publicly being just like them?
What is wrong with the world?
Why can’t we be ourselves?
What will the streets say?
The walls have ears!
I cannot be seen with her!
Behind doors it’s OK but not in public!

All my life I have seen this behavior
In Jews and gentiles alike
It angers me it’s just not right

When will this madness stop?
Why can’t we all be good humans & love every human being while following the path of hashem?
Why must we pretend?  
Live and let live
Do not try to be the best of the community
Only dead fish go with the flow
Be unique, be special, be you.

Most of all Stop worrying about THEM!