Tuesday, June 14, 2011

screwed up

Im so alone
its just me and my mistakes
dont think i ever did anything right
all i do always ends in a big fight

im filled with somthing i think its regret
my life sucks wanna bet?

People hate me for all i did do
spread false accusations and bad sensations

and i hate them all back
like dont they know
that theyre the ones causing me to fall?
Fall deep in the cracks
of misery and beyond

because im just one big screw up
thats reality
its not to my liking at all
but what can i say? To make it change
nothing that is.
Because when i speak
its hard not to sneak
a curse after every word or two

thats how i am and nothing can be done
alone depressed angry mad and did i include
denail lost hurt and sad?

How can it be you ask, that i feel so much
well i guess your a little out of touch
cuz i know i can feel way more
like happiness love friendship amd such
but thats just not how things are meant to be
like right now im angry yup thats me
miss screw up!

this poem isnt relevant to me anymore. i just found it in my notebook. i wrote it about a year ago

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