Saturday, January 7, 2012

life gets better before it gets worse

tense, insecure, scared
worried depressed and sad
wishing to turn back the time
to better days of past
and making sure it lasts

confused, suspicious, nervous
alone, emotional,weak
I'm no superwoman
cant keep up with my cheerful physique

am i making a bigger deal of things?
seeking cover before the bomb explodes?
am i weak, stupid
for thinking things are bad?
when really, recently only good times I've had?

no im not stupid maybe meek but never weak
its when things reach an intense greatness
that i lookout for the fall
cant bear staying happy
without being scared at all

I've learned from the past
good times never last
there's always a cycle of bad times to follow
such where the occurrences of past

so please god
don't take the good away
because I'm scared of hurting
let heart warming feeling stay
i want to stay happy like yesterday
today tomorrow and forever
so don't indulge me in that sorrow
that bottomless pit of darkness
because this time i doubt
ill have the strength to stop my fall
nope don't think so at all


  1. This touched me. It's beautiful.

    May the good times last...and may you be blessed with so much good!

  2. This poem was/is ur best so far! I took 15 min to read ur entire blog and being a song writer/writer myself I truly appreciate ur work. Of course all ur pics r beautiful as ever! :)
    & just as a sort of response to ur poem, no I'm mot Gd but i am human and can relate to these feelings xpressed in ur poem. Every person believes that when they're in their happiest state they must be doing everything right and they stop growing and moving in life. So Hashem sends a wake up call that seems horribly intense and I'm is rlyy painful! We scream, 'what did I do?? All I did was be happy' and Hashem is saying back,'ya but were u happy with the right things & did u cont trying to grow as a person?' Each person has their own answer to that question... in just know its the way my lufe and MANY ppl's armd me plays out! Gluck malx! Ur obviously a daily inspiration!:) thx for sharing ur work!