Monday, November 7, 2011


a certain friend that is very dear to me 
asked me a question,
That enfulged me in mystery.

What is the defeniton of love?
Do we really know??
People confuse love with lust and infatuation, they put the word love into every great situation. 

Could be that love means i want to be with him forever 
or that his personality i treasure 
That i accept his faults and complications 
but that cant be true.
because then my friends i love each and every single one of you!

 Love has to be something deeper greater
 love is something we all strive to achieve one day.
but only few lucky people get.

  Love is overrated by the media of today
 what we see in movies is all fake.
in real life there is far more at stake 
 nothing in life comes easy.  
not success, happiness or inner peace.

Stop thinking you love him or her,
 its just desire pulling you together.
along with many feelings of affection and apprectation.

You see I dont know the definiton of love and neither do you.
about that there is nothing we can do.
Be the best person you can be smile, be nice, give to others make people happy.
Maybe one day you'll find love with some lucky one and then you'll know if its true.
Hey you never know it could be any of you! <3 <3 <3 LOVE MALX

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