Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'd like to walk on air,
 Above the pavement lines.
 soar to the clouds,
 laugh real loud.
 To walk over to strangers And make them smile.
To hug someone who hasnt been hugged in  a while.

 Amuse people with humor and wit,
 prove to them that life is worth It. 
 To space out into nothingness,
 To sheepishly grin.
 Call up my mom To say that my love she did win 
To me she's dear, and actually mean it  
not because that's what she'd like to hear .

 There is no wrong or right today 
Everything is fine Simply ok
 My hearts overflowing with a heated warmth There's a sprint in my step
 Sadness u have experienced defeat 
today me and happiness did meet
  want this feeling forever 
This mood I treasure 
Life is great Live it up Xoxo malx

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