Saturday, December 31, 2011


a lollypop inserted in a child's mouth is greatly treasured and appreciated, but only as long as it lasts. A brand new gadget, Only stays brand new for a short time, Before we desire something new once again. All good things come to an end. So dont dilly dally, But make ur time well spent. For then you will not regret the moments lost, When your good thing will be gone. And believe me it will. Why we ask? Why is it that the lollipops end? And we are left to chew on the hard stick? Wouldnt it be wonderfull if we caould lollipops all day, While dancing, laughing yelling hip hip hooray? Occupy ourselves with little nick nacks of lste, Never to be bothered with complications of late? sounds like a nice dream to me! But you see thats just the difference, Between a dream and reality. In life we have to earn the prize, bonus, or raise So that we can appreciate, Those wonderful good old happy days. And struggle in silence waiting for them To peek its head around the corner once more ;) XOXO MALKS