Thursday, May 6, 2010


Being falsly accused,
Emotionaly abused.
Hurts deep,
makes u weep.
Becuase when ur accused
For what is true,
The fualts all on u.
But being accused for somthing u never even heard,
That's just not right.
U hope, whoever spread this rumor.
Should get a nasty tumor or some crazy thing.
like grow horns and get grossly fat.
Let's see them put up with that!
U get into trouble,
For somones beard stubble
And its just all wrong,
Makes u wonder, are there any normal spieces out there?
Where female and male are treated fair,
So are the gay and queer.
Where no one cares the look of your hair,
you're crazy they don't care.
Nor do they stare
They just grope
In the atmosphere,
in this land that's so fair.



  1. Equality will augment,
    When fairness we shall represent,
    Horns and gross fatness may proclaim you're Jewish,
    But our souls - we must nourish.

    Pain and anguish may tie us down,
    Famine makes others frown.

    You see,
    I'm certainly no poet,
    and I most definitely do know it.
    But feelings of the heart rush,
    quicker then our brain's muscle flex.

    Our beards grow long,
    we look distinguished!
    But the pain - may it be extinguished.

    (Uggh, ya, I can't write poetry even if I had a gun pointed to my head and my desperate life depended on it, but I would like to say that your poem is beautiful, and your skills are fantastic! Even if we do live in a gloomy and twisted world...)

  2. thank you for the encouragment
    and nice compliment
    even if it did rhyme
    and sorry i took my seeet time
    repling to you here