Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shooting star

You are beautiful,
With the words you say.
So enchanting,
Describing your way.

Of loving me you havn’t had enough,
Focusing  on the positive
When times are rough.

Our souls are united on all sides,
We are connected
In love in pride.

I shut you out,
Or laugh at your speech
That’s just a reflex
Inside my highest happy I reach.

Your outlook on the life we live,
Spreading awareness of happiness
Giving, every chance you receive.

Letting all the pain and sadness
Grieve by the side
Showing anger
Where it can hide

You are beautiful
 your calm demeanor
 & peaceful face
Your warm words
And loving embrace

You are beautiful
For all that you are
Lighting up our world

You are my shooting star!

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