Monday, November 17, 2014

Festival of love

I love winter
With its big baggy sweaters
Snowy grey weather
Hot chocolate and tea
Cuddles and movies

Holiday festive in the air
Lights everywhere
Ice skating in the city
Yes my beloved city

In the winter you do shine
We sip red wine
We slosh in your icy streets
And dance our nights away

The mountains reveal its majestic beauty
When adorning snow caps
The white wonderland I await
Let’s spread love not hate

This season is all about giving
Kindness at its peak
How can you say no?
To the cold and hungry?

I love winter
With its hidden good deeds
And merry atmosphere
With love hiding behind corners
And for each other we do care

Summer is a beautiful season
Spring and fall as well
But winter is the season
Where love and happiness dwell.

Have a happy safe loving winter .

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