Monday, February 1, 2010

my world

Facebook Malka Queen: "its a dark SCARY place
people walk at a slow pace
winds howl at night
in the street people fight

on benches they sleep astray
no recognitin of the sun
what does it mean to have fun?
tell me what to do, where to go, ive lost my way

sad and broken down
soon my heart will cease to pound
and i really wanna know
yes i really wanna know

whos responsible for this
who took away al my bliss?
pushes me to move on
took away my golden sun

today i did pray
not sure to who
but it was the right thing to do
i had to say

give it to me
give me a happy life
let me and my soul strive
dont turn me away dont let me

becuase how im now
isnt good
im sure thats self understood
so give me your hand
pull me up let me stand

help me please do
your the only one tha can
itsup to you

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