Monday, March 2, 2015

yellow brick road

When life throws curveballs
 Path’s gets redirected,
You know you want to start anew,
And accept all that is coming to you.

But how do you make your dreams reality?
The motivation is there,
Yet the directions disappear,
JUST as you are heading to success.....

How to decipher between what can be, and insane?
To accomplish greatness without working in vain?
Is it all for naught, to give up already?
Or just keep any mundane position, something steady

To be the same as all around you
Is keeping yourself
From utilizing your full potential
 Its telling your hopes and dreams to get a rental

Please do YOUR BEST
To access the path,
Designated for you.
Of one in a million there are only a few,
Do not fear to differ
The black sheep may be astray
Yet ONLY the black sheep is remembered to this day

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