Sunday, June 12, 2011

i will not break (all the way)

I will not break
Not this time
My life is at stake
I will be strong

I will not fall
Because no one will help me crawl
Through the depths down below,
So that I can get up again.
Fake it till u make it ,
That has been my theme.
For quite some time
If I fake it it'll go along smoothly
And ill forget why I ever went astray
forget why I acted so grey

Never will I forget that day
That I realized so much
Never will I forget that eart shattering revelation
that concluded such:
To get up you have to fall
To change you have to know
To achieve greatness you have except that u may fail
& most of all
To be strong you have to have been broken before

And it will happen. it will happen again
I prepare myself.
I will surrender
I have to
Only because It will make me stronger
More fierce
More capable to battle this challenge I have set before me
This challenge called life
I will accept the consequences
Learn from all the wrong
Grow from my mistakes
The lower you go
The higher u climb
Back up once again
But I will not let it be a cycle
This will not be a constant game
The phrase One step forward two steps back will not play a part here
Because I will not break (all the way) just enough to go one step back & 3 forward
So that I can go my way
I will not break (all the way)
I am strong. I am stronger


  1. malks!!!! omggg freal u have no idea how great this is!!! ur an awesome writer and you bring things to life... thanks for being the best inspiration.. i luv you tunzzz!!! cant wait till you come bak here!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Malkee I am so impressed with you!
    You have such amazing strength to be able to say and write the things you do!! That you will push yourself to get up every time you fall and you will become such a great person one day!
    I really respect you for not giving up, for trying every time, for pulling yourself up again every time you fall!!

    You are amazing and a real inspiration!!
    Keep trying - Hashem is with you always and He's cheering you on!! You can do it!!