Tuesday, October 4, 2011


gravity pulls the waves all the way in and then out again.
over my toes making my feet wet
theres a pen in my hand and a drink in my hand.
the breeze pulls my hair back,
and i look up to the sky.
its a sort of lightish blue the color of my eyes.
i try to clear my mind but all these random things keep on jumping in my head.
like of all kind of proirities i have to do
or that i didnt make my bed.
i inhale and take it all in life is good really
. its up to us to be happy forget about all the bad
with sadness enough i'v had!!
im merely 15 years old and i have a long life ahead
a lot of good and bad will come and go
its up to me not to sink low so from now ill b happy 1.....2.....3... HERE I GO