Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i had a hit by lightning moment today
a major relazation just came to me
and it wasnt somethng i took easily
i was hit by many emotions
and struck by this sudden passion
to write it all down

im a deep thinker
with many profoud questions
and a extreme risk taker
taking many risks to get those answers

poeple just try to make me feel better
telling me na youre not that bad
your worth it
you have the perfect personality.
that im strong
and the fact that i wanna excell and be as spirtual as i can, just makes me great.
i apprieciate god and want to feel him in my life
and supposedly that means im supberb

what people dont get
is that i feel like a fake
could be i really am all those things
and i agree that i am sick of some of the things girls my age run after
but i am so far from perfect
i know i can be way better

at times i feel like im two people
and the bad me creeps out at the worst times
when i try my hardest to achieve greatness
and to overcome te little things
that god throws at me
is when i fall
get misguided
and trapped in a confused trance
of wrong doing

every time i get up
i fall harder again
and thats when i see
who are my true friends
people dont understand my phases
they say she is just like
him her or the other
like im just someone elses sister or brother

im simply striving to be my best
to pass this life test
with as many scrapes and bumps as i can
and wear them as medals
to show the world who i truly am
so please dont jusge me
by my actions or unlawfull deeds
im just trying my best
to be me


  1. Wow that is an amazing piece of writing! There is so much emotion in it!!
    Malky, you are going through so much and only Hashem understands you fully! Your real friends who are there for you will stay by your side no matter what. Just know that these challenges will make you into a stronger and better person and one day you will look back and be able to realize how this helped you become such a great person!
    You have amazing potential for greatness and you will get to where you want to be!!

    It's hard but...you can and will overcome!