Tuesday, December 1, 2015


You see, the world from an ants point of view
A few flies look like an entire zoo
Open  your eyes too all that's around
listen to those unheard sounds

Pay attention to what you don't normally see
smile, to those in misery.
Escape the walls of your reality
Understand how grateful you ought to be.

So many hurting, sick, doing time.
So many wearing masks so they seem fine
Cowering In the brokenness of their heart
Yearning for an opportunity, a new start.

Have you got a roof over your head?
Reason to get out of bed?
The heart you carry is it whole?
Are you satisfied with your current role?

So many have lost their chance
Homless in the streets
But they do dance
Collecting pennies to by some food
Bet you'd never know by their jolly mood.

But you worry about your third world problems
For your penthouse you can't afford rent.
Who cares if the world is at war
You mourn the closing of your favorite store.

I wonder when you all will open your eyes
When you will all realize,
I'm speaking to you, to him, to all.
yet my words on deaf ears fall.

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