Friday, October 3, 2014

Yom Hadin

To my beloved family and friends
I'm aware that this is formal and unlike me,
But I felt this letter to be necessary.
God gave us this day,
To turn to him, beg for forgiveness and pray.
We dedicate one day of our lives
Where we put aside our rokes of husbands & wives,
And become children of hashem.
Let us stand for our king as one
And pray for the new year that has come
Look back at the year of the past,
Hoping that our sins and mistakes do not last.
Tonight is a night of great spirituality
It is a night where we can feel gods immortality.
A night where the the tension is felt, oh the tears,
A night where we all show our fears.
No one is better then another,
We are all sister and brother.
How is it that people you despise,
Who've brought tears to your eyes
And filled your heart with lies
Will beg for forgiveness,  or send a text?
Do they really think its ok to erase errors?
To rectify their sins in a few simple prayers?
The answer is yes of course they can,
Mistakes are inevitable.
Our sins are the yetzer harah pulling us to his side,
Convincing us to let go of our Jewish pride.
We all fall through the cracks here and there,
Even great tzadikim have sinned in moments of despair.
We are here to fulfill our life's purpose,
Each their own.
The mistakes we make on the way,
We must atone.
We are all human, this is true
But to be forgiven one must forgive as well
Together we stand in this galus, this hell.
Maybe this year our prayers will have a lasting impact,
Let's hope we can throw away this world's contract.
Pray for our savior to bring the key,
Moshiach will come and set us free!
Happy new year to everyone,
Hope all your prayers will be answered :)

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