Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Try me!

There’s a depression in the world
That we all seem to feel
A fog of sadness clouding us
And it is very real

Frowns are permanent fixtures
On everyone’s face
Cannot keep up
With this negative embrace

So many are sick
No reason to get out of bed
So many are miserable
Permanent incline of their head

Where did the smiles go?
The loving sun,
What happened to being positive?
Showing emotion, who’s the stronger one?

There’s sadness in the world
And it’s not just me
Everyone around
 lost their desire to be happy

We need a boost of good energy
Before we head into a catastrophe
Of seeing everything as wrong

We must hold our heads up high
While our lips sing our song

We must hold hands together
Brothere sister side by side

In these treachous times
We will unite

We will Show the world our jewish pride!

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