Monday, January 18, 2016

Birthday wishes

The best blessing one can give,
To commemorate the day they where born.
Are the right  tools to face many a storm.

When the rain pours may you learn to dance.
When hard times come,
May you stand tall.
May you have a companion,
For the snow fall.

May your heart be whole,
and your belly full.
May your smile be radiant,
and your aura peace.

May you have strength for clouds of grey.
May you have courage to face each day.
When the naysayers bring u down,
May your punch be strong to knock them out.

And when the sun will shine and heat your face.
When flowers and fresh air will embrace,
When the winds will sing a musical song,
May your entire being sing along.

When the world is rights and things go your way.
Always remember what you are to say.

thanks to you to me to her
Thanks to tour friends lovers and haters.
Above all thanks to you creator!

So thank you chaya for allowing me to teach,
As you know my favorite thing is to preach!

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