Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Have you seen pain my friend,
Have you Seen hate to no end?

Struggles &brutal war
May god help us for what's in store

Have you seen bloodshed
On your city streets
Civilians injured, very weak

Have you seen ruin & destruction
Mourning, abduction
Have you seen pain in your mothers eyes
Fear in disguise
Our hope flickering away
The flame gone astray.

Hard times are upon us
The winds have begun to howl
Our candle quivering shaking,
Do we throw in the towel?

Hope is a candle
Flickering in the wind
As long as we protect it
Our candle grows within

Filling us with passion
Desire to overcome
no matter what comes upon us
We will never run

Hope is the fire
Burning in our soul
With hope & belief
We conquer it all

They try to bring us down
& take away our land
They are blind and cannot see
Gods helping hand
Hope is the key
With it we cannot lose
We hope, pray we have faith
Soon we will be free.

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