Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's not a bad life

The rain pits & patters
Cleaning city streets
Puddles created, do meet.

Catching every red light
Just a second too late
Clock keeps on ticking
Determining my fate.

Coffee cup tears
A little hole within
Coffee spills all over
Overflowing the brim

Building up frustration
Yet trying to stay at peace
"It's all ok, just a bad day."
This Mantra I do repeat

I could be upset,
Annoyed frustrated & angry.
My morning went awry
From the moment i opened my eyes,
the rain,  red lights, & spilled coffee
Where all a pleasant surprise.

While writing all this,
I spill tea on my lap
Tears swell up
I've had enough
This morning been so rough

It's not a bad life
Just a bad day
Im a klutz sometimes
But that's OK

As long as we stay positive,
And see the good in bad
You will be smiling,
No matter the morning you've had.

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