Monday, March 9, 2015

You must do the thing you think you cannot do (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Writing is my passion
A world on its own
I’d like to be given the opportunity
To make writing my home

To educate others of finger flowing
To inspire them with words of love
To share advice thoughts and inspiration
Since writing has helped me in every situation

Many a times I come upon writers block
It’s as if my imagination has a lock
And even I do not have the key
 For it is only emotions that set it free

If only I had the correct motivation every day
 To keep words flowing,
 Whether in a poem article or essay

A writer must not be educated
Or  bright
One must simply be aware of the fight
That goes on within
one must have emotion rising to the brim

That is when you turn to this happy place
Where all your fears you must face
Jotting down whatever is in your head
Black turtle candy floss

No one said words must rhyme
Or be in relation to each other
Grammar may be important
But I don’t bother

I wish I could teach you all to let go
Come with me on this writing train
Unleash the passion within you
Live through your words
Let your voice be heard!


  1. Amazing! I also love to write and I just love the feeling afterwards. I don't even expect it but after I write and express my feelings, it just feels so much better!

  2. Thank you, Keep on writing!, Writing is the best form of expression