Sunday, February 21, 2010

greece of peace

on a storming day,in a town small
in greece.

came strolling a boy of no more.
for a maiden with peace.

the boy of no more aint no boy at all,
head held high and tall.
chewing bread and honey ham,
this making him a man.

riding on a horse of grey.
not white brown or blue,
wanting to discover
a maiden to ride with in dew.

but no maiden liked him
at all.
they say him sly and tall.
ay the mate give up does not,
he rides in town.
it is quite hot.
lucky will he be if she, gives him a glance.
but, in greece of peace, there is no chance.

so strut does he, on the road away.
riding in the dark sun,
for there is sun no more.
he is off the france of chance
does he not know?
france is at war!!

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