Monday, February 22, 2010

willow tree

the old willow tree
sways slightly in the wind
so week so thin

a little squirell climbs within
the tree is hollow iinside a great place to hide
will somone come find me?

the boy said 1,2,3
go! hide and seek
so i am waiting here i do not speak

just a little scared am i
on the tip of my nose
sits a fly
spiders and roaches around me crawl

but i do not care
i, will be the on to carry the award
the one with the best place to hide
my head will be held high with pride

but nobody seems to come
its dark outiside
my tummy begins to hum

moomy daddy do you hear
come ge tme
i do fear

i climb out of the tree
tears seem to enthral me
and slowly all alone
i find my way home