Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the world as today it seems

a beatiful sight before my eyes

birds flying in the clear sky

so calm feel soo... FREE!

sitting in a tree,

on a branch in the shade.

bikeriders bike on the path.

horses strut on the trail.

the riders look

like theyre floating on clouds.

so relaxed so happy,

this is THE place to be!

take out my lighter for a smoke,

on that bench

a old man just awoke.

ducks walk

on the frozen pond.

it seems to go on,

forever and beyond.

the sky is crystal blue,

the air is filled with dew.

i hear laughter,

a little child.

i love this place

its so wild!

my hair flyes in the breeze.

my eyes wander astray

up above those skyscrapers and trees

past the lakes and roads

but straight up to the golden sun

up there in the glorious sky

i let out a soft sigh

and say out loud

what a wonderful world

1 comment:

  1. wrote this in prospect park by da water sooooooooo relaxin